Goal Of Learninone.com

The primary goal of LearnInOne is to update this site with many subjects information for the people that visit this site, will be encouraged to keep updating their knowledge.

Keep learning about some good topics will promote you to next level of understanding. Learning should not happen only at a college or school level, it should be till lifetime irrespective of age.


About Me and My Story

I am Vinoth and I have more than 10 years of experience in IT sector in Banking & Healthcare domains. After I have completed my computer science engineering, I have started my career in the banking product based company as Technical Support Executive.

My first company was my best company as I have got an opportunities to learn and grow. For the first three months, I was doing my BAU (business as usual) activities such as monitoring the authorization transactions request and raise the escalation if any transaction declines happened. Doing our BAU alone will not make us learn anything new rather I spend my extra hours and started self-teaching by going through the logs, material, etc and talk with my seniors to correlate the topics in order to transform my assumption to confirmation. I strongly believe that that is my very good start of learning.

I felt boundary in learning for Working in the same company for almost four years designated as Lead, I wanted to move myself to other service based companies to learn technology perspective.

In order to get myself into service-based companies, I have to be good in technical knowledge. So I started practicing Oracle & shell scripting. After so many interviews went through, I have easily completed the interview with my second company and joined there.

Though I have good knowledge of banking terminology such as issuing, acquiring, card life cycle, disputes, and prepaid card system functionality. I got the project into healthcare domain in the second company. Healthcare domain functionality perspective, though it was a bit hard for me to understand the terminology, I have good exposure to scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Unix shell scripting and Oracle PL-SQL. Further, I have learned and became somehow good at Oracle SQL & PLSQL tunings.

Within a year, I have learned the lot about technologies & process that pure development process flow followed by the typical software company. Then I have got a chance to join my third company Visa Inc., designated as Technical Team Lead. Further, I continue to learn more about banking concepts and technologies. Since Visa is pure payment industries, all employee should complete pieces of training about PCI security and Compliance process. Learning about payment card industry process & compliance with basic knowledge, I force myself to follow that.

Later, since there was partnership happened between Visa & Wirecard, I have got a chance to join as Wirecard employee and I am continuing to learn more.

My Achievements:

  1. I have tune the bulk data extract script which was taken more than 24 hours to finish in five minutes using best oracle concepts such as global temporary table to manage the memory, bulk collection for large data process and bulk binding for quick insert added with extensive key SQL syntax of exists, union all, partition by, direct the query to perform nested join loop when there is large & small table join and also used parallel hints to effectively utilize the processor.
  2. During Visa to Wirecard engagement, I have given free hands to setup up the deployment process which almost to fulfill the DevOps concept with Jenkins integration tool and RunDeck operation automation tool, so the deployment process streamlined in a single automated pipeline.
  3. I have facilitated with 4 members of automation team, whom I trained them in Python & other script language and developed project specific automation tool, which extensively used to automate all operation related manual task along with Rundeck as Master to trigger this tool. I consider that as my successive measure, training the resource and made them develop the tool in short period of time.
  4. I have also done project migration from one service provided company to in-house support with train the trainer, parallel support and shadow support approach. Finally, complete team setup has done smoothly.
  5. Got the knowledge about Cloud Foundry platform as a service through the Linux foundation training course LFS232 Cloud Foundry For Developers certificate (1)