Bricks to build DevOps

DevOps is not just the process, it is a practice that makes big cultural changes in the organization. So it is up to organization decide whether to move into DevOps practice or not.  Just to automate the test & deployment cannot be the DevOps done, it is whole methodology changes for an organization, so the DevOps practice will start from Top to bottom. As per me, at once the organization decided to fasten the delivery of their product to end users, the initial steps would be on

  • Analyzing the current system the most efficient to deliver to the customer.
  • Recruiting the Agile master who should be proficiency in Agile methodologies through the Scrum framework.
  • Combine the development and operation as one team, in-house the operation if it is outsourced or changing the contract in such way development and operation can collaborate frequently.
  • Identify the resources across the teams from development,  test, and operations department, who have to work with freehands towards accountability of understanding the customer expectation & responsible on what they deliver to production.
  • In any organization changing their responsibilities or accountability alone would not give free hands,  so role also has to be changed. The development and testing team can be combined as software engineers and operation team can be called as service engineers.
  • Cross-functional training should happen among the selected team. say, the software engineers team should understand what the service engineers do and service engineer should know the application architecture to be more efficient troubleshooters, suggest architectural changes to the infrastructure, be able to develop and test things like infrastructure as code and automation scripts and make high-value contributions that impact the service design or management.
  • As the result, DevOps team Capable of handling capacity management, Service design, service management, Change management, problem management and monitoring as one.

With these steps, there would be chances for hesitation,  political fight,   traditional processes force to stick, Difficulty in role changes, cost and situational negative discouragement expected since it is the enormous cultural shift.

DevOps Habits: Next action should be on habitual the processes such as ship the software faster, Analyze and learn the customers based on production data, shift from tradition, believe on automation, increase the delivery cycles & implement telemetry & analytics to measure the DevOps progress.

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